Hey you

Dear you,

Yes you. Terlalu banyak untuk diberitahu and yet I don’t know how to say it all. From the first time I met you, I’ve never knew that something going to happen between us. Never thought you’ll be someone for me.

It’s been 1 year. Thank you since the day 1. The awkwardness become something more than that. We’ve fight, of course we have some differences but still boleh get along. Haha magic apakah ini.

Thank you for everything. I can be myself around you. Never have to hide anything anymore. Bukan bermaksud boleh cakap ikut sedap hati tapi boleh berterus terang dalam banyak hal.

Jarang complain pasal perangai Maya. Selalu faham kadang-kadang apa yang Maya buat bersebab dan demi kebaikan bersama. For the first time I’m being the real me. Depan orang yang bukan family Maya atau bestfriend perempuan Maya.

Walaupon masih jauh perjalanan hidup ni, I hope that one day Allah will grant all my wishes and my Du’a for you. Regardless how hard it will take, I’m going to be strong and stronger for you. Thank you my dear.


P/s: Thank you for lovely dinner. Masak dengan komited gtuuu ye. Hehehe

Mash potatoes idaman hati

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