Baba Yaga is Back

My Handsome Baba Yaga

The Boogeyman,

His famous nickname. Legendary Mr. John Wick is back! A must see movie for this month especially for Keanu Reeves die-hard fan hehe.

The first John Wick movie is about John, the legendary hitman is forced out of his retirement try to get revenge over his dead dog (his last gift from his beloved wife before she died) and favourite Mustang stolen by a trio of Russian gang.

Now his back for second chapter! And of course more handsome, cool and awesome than ever! Haha if the first movie is awesome, chapter two is super-duper awesome! Believe me! (Yeah I know, I’m so in love with Keanu Reeves since highschool, judging from my reaction of course! :P)

I love John Wick character in this movie because of his will power, focus, skills and strength, show how much human he is. Really inspiring to me. More action than before as well.

I don’t want to spoil anything. I give 9.5 out of 10! Hoping there will be another sequel after this, finger crossed 😉

P/s: Black turtle neck t-shirt with black coat. Maigaddd you almost make me faint when I saw you wearing that! Hahaha


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