Hello there! I’m Maya. Well, I blog to share my stories, hoping to tell my readers about what I loved to do (oh well, sometimes I just wanted to share my everyday stuff)

Few facts you would probably rather not know about me, but I’m still going to tell you anyway

  • Currently, I’m living in Kuala Lumpur with my weird cat name Ranger. (Female cat with a heroic name)
  • Love food so much that I’m constantly in weight bounce.
  • Short curvy woman with super strength.
  • Watermelon, cats and Spiderman lover.
  • I’m a neat person.  Except when I’m not.
  • Careless and forgetful.
  • Horror, thriller, action and comedy movies person.
  • Bless with unageing face since I was a little girl. (Over exaggerate!)
  • Obsessed with ice cream. Arts is my forever crush.
  • Old and still looked enchanting. (Well Am I?)

Well I hope I’ve done my best to convince you all my fellow readers. Drop your Hi if you want to ask anything. Bonne journée!